DELMAG Germany

DELMAG was established in 1922 and has been manufacturing construction equipment since 1927, when DELMAG introduced the patented combustion powered impact hammers. In the following years different types of hammers and compactors were developed. In 1940 the first D 5 diesel pile hammer (piston weight of 500 kg), was built, working after the principle of impact atomization. The diesel pile hammers of our day still work on this same principle.

Today DELMAG manufactures diesel pile hammers from sizes D6 (600 kg piston weight) up to D260 with a piston weight of 26.000 kg. DELMAG also builds a variety of rope suspended, swinging or fixed leads fitting any size of hammer. Additionally DELMAG offers different types of lead and hammer accessories like hydraulic starting devices, power packs, drive caps, etc. The long experience, continuous improvements and the dedication to quality and service have convinced thousands of customers to use DELMAG diesel pile hammers on their jobsites around the world.